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Northernreef Services

Here at Northernreef Insurance Co. SA our product range is kept simple. We can offer you a comprehensive policy which includes damage to your vessel as well as third party liability cover. We are also able to offer a basic third party liability policy which will cover you should someone make a claim against you but does not cover the vessel itself. Unlike most of the large corporate insurers we look at each risk on an individual basis and can tailor your policy to suit your needs and rate the premium accordingly.

We have a team of professional underwriters who will look at the risk and not a computer screen. As a result of this we will not turn you away if the risk is non-standard such as:-

Classic Boats
Wooden, Ferro Cement or Steel construction
(A survey is not normally required)

Most insurers no longer offer this facility and those that do have restrictions and may only offer third party only.

We do not charge additional premiums for legal costs which are included as part of the standard policy.

If you wish to view our Yacht Clauses or Endorsement documents then you can do so by downloading them from the main menu above.